Arabian Nights meet Rajasthan

Day 9

The Mewar lineage of Udaipur is the world’s longest unbroken royal succession, called “custodianship” following Indian independence in 1947.  The lineage spans 76 generations from 734 AD. The royal family own 5 astoundingly magnificent palaces around Udaipur alone, one of which – the City palace – dates back to 12th centuryAD.

Holika at City Palace, Udaipur

The City Palace hosted the age old Holika Dahan ceremony presided over by the Maharana to commerate the triumph of good over evil. 200 local and international guests attended.

If that wasn’t incredible enough, what followed had us rubbing our eyes in disbelief.

Arabian Nights met the colour and hospitaility of royal Rajasthan at a private reception in a huge lavishly decorated courtyard. The drink flowed. The food – Benarasi chaat – was delicious. Nothing was too much trouble, from vodka/champagne mojitos to instantly produced brand new clay crockery for Anita who wanted to set fresh yoghurt Rajasthani style back home. We  piled up invitations from hospitable royals to celebrate Holi the following morning on their farms, at homes, but opted instead for a private celebration at the Village Palace.


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