Why?…Why not??

I am Shila Desai – Indian by origin, Kenyan by birth, Canadian by choice for the last 20+years. Above all, I’m passionate about travel and food. The convergence of these two passions was inevitable. One of the most satisfying ways in which to connect to the pulse of a country is through its food.

A tourist sees what he comes to see….

a traveller sees what he sees

In March 2011, India was the fantastic inaugural tour. Bhavna and I are frequent travellers to India with a vast network. The result was a unique, multi-faceted, unforgettable experience.

I don’t aim to make a huge profit. My daytime job pays the bills. Instead, I want to share my passion for the places in which I grew up with like-minded souls. The travel will be nothing short of spectacular. Small groups, meticulous planning, the choicest boutique accommodations, intimate cooking demos, meals with locals in their homes. Oh, and guaranteed unbeatable rates because we tap into our “back home” network to lock in deep discounts. In 2012, we travel to Southern India/Sri Lanka, and Kenya/Tanzania safaris with an Indian/Arab culinary twist.


I am Bhavna Trivedi, and like my sister Shila, Indian by origin, Kenyan by birth, and Canadian by choice….oops, guess I’d better make up my own lines! I came here 15 years ago after I sent Shila to scout out the winters.

So, about this dream come true…I could travel 24/7/12mths/all my life from one corner of the world to the other without complaint. A little while ago, I decided to act on my passion and precipitate a career about-turn. I took a travel agency course. I dream one day to own my own travel agency. India 2011 was an incredible learning experience in organising a custom tour. I estimate some 300 emails, scores of phone calls, and many late nights resulted in a wildly successful experience, the first of undoubtedly many more to come.

Join us as we continue the journey in July-August 2012 on an experience of a lifetime: the Great African Migration. It has been called the “Greatest Show on Earth”. As our guest on a personally escorted safari, we promise to show you Africa as only we Africans know it…and love it.



About Shila Desai

Conceptualiser of Unpackaged Travels (www.eyhotours.com). Writer. Culinary diva when someone else does the dishes.
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