Cameron Hubbs: Professional Photographer for Migration Safari 2014

As perfect as the 2012 migration safari was, my one wish for 2014 would be an accompanying professional photographer

Lioness spotting

A Lioness Moment

The 2012 safari had a number of group members invested in elaborate camera equipment. While they bagged some pretty neat shots, it was clear that when nature’s drama plays out in adrenaline-pumped realtime, on-the-spot professional coaching is priceless. Professional help before, during, and after the safari can render a digital heartbeat into a life-long memory of an incredible trip, perhaps even to grace a living room wall in full-blown glory.

The ideal accompanying professional is obviously one who takes photography seriously; whose work is superlative; and whose integrity beyond question. But particularly for my group, I needed someone who is patient, approachable, humorous, encouraging, and non-judgmental.  Someone I have worked with extensively, and who would contribute positively to group dynamics.

Meet Cameron (in mostly his words)

The Camera Cameron allows his Son

The Camera Cameron allows his Son

Cameron Hubbs’ fascination with cameras became apparent when, after an evening out, his parents returned home to a completely disassembled classic Contax camera.  As much fun as taking the camera apart was, Cameron lost interest when trying to put it back together. Instead, he tried his hand at shooting. A few years and hundreds of rolls later found Cameron at Ryerson University’s Photographic Arts program. With his keen eye for composition and detail, Cameron has turned his lenses for 25 years as a commercial photographer on practically every subject for a wide variety of clients including Honda and The Body Shop. Lately he has focused on people, events, and interiors. When not shooting or sharing his passion, Cameron enjoys life in Oakville with his kids. His father has yet to let him borrow another camera. 

Interested in accompanying Cameron on the safari this year? Click here.

A selection of Cameron’s work…

Cameron 1

Cameron 2

Cameron 3


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2 Responses to Cameron Hubbs: Professional Photographer for Migration Safari 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    Something about the first shot with the motorcycle parked by the sea took my breath away! So did the phrase, “render a digital heartbeat into a life-long memory”.


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