Iron Chef Masai Mara

Cooking class in Masai Mara – an unusual afternoon on safari.


 Safari days begin at dawn. In the afternoon, most group members nap. Not so four of us…on a muggy afternoon, while the rest slept, Martha, Jackie, Mina, and I toured Chef George’s organic vegetable garden in the middle of the national park.

He grew almost everything – from arugula to rhubarb. Enough to feed up to eighty guests at Kichwa. His food was unfailingly imaginative and totally delicious.

Interestingly, the vegetable garden was worked by Masai staff. The Masai, being nomadic hunters, consider agriculture beneath them. They eat no fruit or vegetables. However, Chef George managed to persuade a few that vegetables could sustain them in times of drought. Beginning of a mini revolution?

Back in the spotless lodge kitchen, Chef George taught us how to make vegetarian Irio, a Kenyan staple stew. An Iron Chef Masai Mara face-off followed for the most original plating concept…Martha (with the chef hat) won by a razor thin margin!


Meanwhile, back at the watering hole…




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