A Non-Exhaustive List of Things I’ve Lost While Travelling


  1. Paris, 2009 – cell phone

My second ever cell phone was a pink Blackberry Pearl flip phone. The one where you have to press every key three times to get the letter you want, but as a ninth-grader you could still write out a detailed analysis of Amy’s birthday party in ten seconds flat.

During a trip to France with my mother and sister, we decided to visit L’Arc de Triomph. I’d fought with my mother that morning, because she wanted me to bring a purse, but I refused because all I was carrying was my cell phone. My mother eventually threw up her hands and so I stuffed it in the minuscule back pocket of my tiny jean shorts (yes, very Parisian-chic, I know) and went on my way.

Halfway through the day, in the midst of a very fancy kitchenware store, I felt an absence around the vicinity of…

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About Shila Desai

Conceptualiser of Unpackaged Travels (www.eyhotours.com). Writer. Culinary diva when someone else does the dishes.
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