The Travels. The Stories.

North India – March 2011

This was the tour that was.

Everyday was incredible. We traveled the north of India, taking in famous sights.

But we didn’t stop there. A Bollywood great graciously invited us to her home and cooked her favourite dishes for us. There were cooking demos in royal palaces and royal homes. Cocktails with Maharajas on a terrace overlooking a shimmering lake. Personalised hand-delivered invitations bearing the royal seal. Colours of Holi infused the air as we danced. On a second class sleeper train, we made friends with the 99.999% of Indians who do not live in palaces. An evening under the stars at a 300-year old fort palace on the banks of a holy river has us rubbing our eyes as hundreds of welcoming diyas floated towards us.

Everyday brought fresh delights. Everyday brought murmurs of “pinch me, am I dreaming?”

Watch EYHO takes Udaipur

Watch EYHO and Tanuja

Watch EYHO at Fort Ahilya

The monument to Love...we're working on the one to Food
The EYHO gang at…where else?

4 Responses to The Travels. The Stories.

  1. Lynn Simpson says:

    Beautifully written. Sounds so wonderful. Love the picture!

  2. lynnsimp says:

    Beautifully written. Sounds so wonderful. Love the picture too !

  3. Alan says:

    We met at Dukem on sunday with your family and Robyn. I look forward to your future posts.


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